We'll give your financials a daily workout with MINDBODY & Xero

How much time are you (or your bookkeeper) spending manually entering your sales and payment data into your accounting software? How quickly can you see your results and how much time is spent checking for data entry problems? 

Xero-Mindbody Integration

Xero offers "beautiful accounting software" and was named by Forbes as the World’s Most Innovative Growth Company in both 2014 and 2015. Whatever your accounting needs, Xero has it covered – automated bank feeds, reconciliations, payroll, reporting, budgeting and much more.

We are Xero Partners and work with our clients to leverage latest technologies to automate your data processing so we can focus on analyzing your results and give you the insights you need to make the right business decisions. Using the MINDBODY–Xero integration, we ensure your sales data and daily transactions are imported to Xero correctly and manage all reconciliations so you have constant visibility of your cash flow. We'll also give you  a detailed analysis of your business' fitness and health so you can focus on your clients and growing your business.

Watch an overview

Watch an overview

Giving you the freedom you need to focus on your clients, with confidence that your numbers are also working out!

You get a Partner who will work with your technology to automate your processing and give you real business insights.

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A complete end to end solution

Your time is valuable and your clients are your passion. With AllCents, we'll leverage these technologies and the integration so you can readily control every aspect of your business and free up your time to help grow your business. 

Seamless data transfer

With sales data imported automatically from MINDBODY into Xero, there’s no need for a manual data workout. We ensure that your accounts in Xero are always up-to-date and we'll manage your account reconciliations so you have accurate, reliable data and clear visibility of your cash flow.

Work from anywhere, anytime

Built in the cloud, Xero allows you to log in anytime, from virtually anywhere. Whether you’re reviewing bank reconciliations at the gym, or creating invoices from the yoga studio, you’ll always have access to real time data allowing you to make informed decisions on the go - and we're just a call away if you have any questions.

I have always been impressed with her expertise, professionalism and focus. Jackie (AllCents) cares about her work and clients. I have found it refreshing working with Jackie, she embraces new ideas and concepts, she will always first seek to understand then apply this new found knowledge for the betterment of our clients and business.
— Elaine Doherty, Rabbie's Trail Burners Ltd.
Jackie is one of the most capable colleagues i’ve ever had the fortune to work with. She is not only bright and witty but hard working and endearing to all around her. Its been a pleasure to work with her.
— Richard Mellors, TrickySolutions Ltd


  • How much does the MINDBODY integration with Xero cost? 

    The actual integration costs you nothing - it has all been designed and tested by Xero, helping their customers to more readily automate their business processes. 

  • So how does the MINDBODY integration work with Xero? 

    MINDBODY sends your sales and payment data to Xero every night automatically, eliminating manual data entry hence reducing the chance of errors occurring. You save time and get clear insights into your cash flow and business performance. 

  • Is the integration available to all MINDBODY subscribers? 

    Assuming you have a Xero subscription (Standard Plan and above), this is available to MINDBODY Solo, Grow, Pro, Accelerate and Ultimate subscribers.  

  • I have multiple locations. Will the integration work with Xero? 

    The integration is only available to account mappings for a single location. Multiple locations would require multiple Xero subscriptions. 

  • Can I do this myself or do I have to work with AllCents? 

    You can certainly create the integration yourself but, through AllCents, you will also receive great accounting and bookkeeping services as well as options to automate other areas of your business, e.g. bill payments, inventory and others, using an outcome based pricing structure so there are no monthly surprises with our charges. We aim to truly partner with our clients as we know we will only be successful if we make a real difference to your business.

  • What is the pricing structure for AllCents? 

    We work with clients of all sizes - with annual revenues ranging from as little as $50,000 to $1m. We recognize that all clients are different and tailor our services to meet each clients' specific needs. We do not charge by the hour and use technology to automate as much data entry as possible so we can make a real difference by focusing on analyzing your numbers. With our experience, we spend considerably less time crunching numbers and more time providing you with input and advice that will help you grow your business optimally. We will also run several up-front consultations with you, at no cost to you, to really understand your current challenges and your future aspirations for your business to shape a proposal that works for you. 

  • I am using QBO to handle my accounting and bookkeeping, will this integration still work? 

    Sadly, at this time, Intuit have not developed this type of direct integration but one can be created using other 3rd Party Apps available in the Marketplace, however, these will come at an additional cost and any support for issues with the integration will not be managed through QuickBooks. 

  • What is the best way to contact you? 

  • Please feel free to either complete the below contact form or call us direct on (310) 465 9248

Watch an overview

Watch an overview